Random Japril rewatch - 7x02: 

April: When is this staring going to stop?

Jackson: Soon as the novelty wears off. Just ignore them.

Season 8 was about Jackson & April gradually falling for each other, while season 7 was about them becoming each other’s best friends after the loss of Charles & Reed.

The 2nd gif is one of my fav background Japril moments. He literally takes her by the hand and leads her away. He’s so protective of her this season, always there if she needed a friend, always the first to defend her.

april + touching jackson's face/shoulders

31st March 2010 - 31st March 2014

It’s been 4 years since your debut acting in your first drama. Time flies so fast. You’ve achieved a lot of things in your acting career. Playing 12 roles isn’t easy, yet you could have done it perfectly. I hope you continue to become a better actor in the future. Even though there’re so much things going on now, Let’s just think that it’s a way to create a better and greater actor and person of Lee Jong Suk. I love you, I support you. 

데뷔 4주년 축하해, 종석아♡


Fangirl Challenge
↳ [4/10] OTPs: Harvey Specter & Donna Paulsen, Suits

"She must be very special.” “S h e  i s .”



And you know what that means kiddos!!!

There’s gonna be thisimage

And thisimage

And a lot of this                                                                                   image

Oooohhh! and some of this                                                            image

But mostly thisimage

but just remember, theres always gonna be thisimage

Happy Grey’s Day and may your ship be ever in your favor. But not Shonda’s favor. Nobody wants that.

we magazine november 2013 [x]


Jackson & April - 10x18 promo stills


All This Time | Jackson + April


Yes, I’m a genius.